Powerline Inspection


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SKIVE Powerline Robot 


We have developed a UAV system for powerline inspection, containing of

- an aerial robot, which can land on the earth wire of a power line and drive on it using electrically driven wheels

- a laser scanner (LIDAR) to measure the vegetation (trees, bushes) around the powerline

- two high-definition cameras to detect damages on wires and masts

- an inhouse developed conversion and analysis program in order to detect vegetation danger areas in the safety zones of the wires

The system we invented has already proven its performance in live powerline inspections. For both UAV and inspection procedure a patent application has been filed.

We developed this aerial robot system in close cooperation with the Swiss power company BKW. The robot can inspect several dozens kilometers of powerlines a day, so this method will drastically reduce inspection costs. At the same time this method will increase the inspection quality, because the inspecions are automatically well documented, data is always available for review and can serve as a proof towards authorities.


Have a look to the following movie to see the robot in action (duration 2 min.)




See here a demonstration of our LIDAR analysis software (duration 12 min.)